Red Sox Win 12-2

I’m really happy with this performance by the Red Sox. Without a doubt the best performance by them all year. This game is a huge confidence booster, because it shows us that we still have a chance to be successful this year. Beckett pitched great.

Everything was awesome today, except for the injury to Jacoby Ellsbury. If he has a broken arm or anything of that nature we are gonna be screwed this year. He is too important to this team. We just have to wait and hope he’s not out for too long.

Bruins Win 1-0

Crazy game. Bruins dominated the 1st and 2nd periods, but were terrible in the 3rd. Quite surprising when you think about how dominant the Bruins were in the 3rd period this year. However, Chris Kelly scored for the Bruins at 1:18 in OT to give the B’s a 1-0 win and a 1-0 series lead.

Tim Thomas was 17/17 and the Bruins need 15 more wins to reclaim the cup.

Bruins - 16 More Wins

Last year was magical. For over 2 months we stood motionless watching the Bruins try to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in 39 years. We all know the end result, but what got us our 6th Stanley Cup, and 1st in 39 years?

April 14, 2011 - Bruins road to the Cup Finals begins.

April 27, 2011 - Horton becomes Hero. Bruins win series 4-3 vs MTL.

May 6, 2011 - Bruins sweep Philadelphia. No comeback this year Flyers.

May 27, 2011 - HORTON AGAIN! Bruins to the Finals.

June 4, 2011 - Bruins trail series 0-2. Burrows scores 11 seconds in OT.

June 8, 2011 - Bruins tie series 2-2. Tim Thomas 38 for 38.

June 15, 2011 - Bruins win 1st cup in 39 years. Vancouver riots.


The Red Sox are taking years off my lifespan by playing like absolute shit. Finally, the pitching is decent for one game, but the fucking offense can’t get anything done.

Don’t like the curse words? I just don’t give a fuck (in Eminem voice). Fire Bobby Valentine’s ass immediately. In fact, he needs to be banned from the city.

Meanwhile, I plan to go to protest for Bobby Valentine being fired. Fuck protesting, I’m gonna riot and show Vancouver how it’s done.

I may be speaking out of anger, but I’m also speaking from the heart. FUCK YOU BOBBY V and YOUKKKKK. 

Celtics Win. Sox Lose.

Up and down night for me. While the Celtics were putting a beating on LeBron and the Heat, I was too busy being pissed off at the Red Sox lack of offense. The Red Sox had another good 9th inning, but how much does that matter when you enter it down by 6? Our best chance to take the lead came in the 6th when we had guys on 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs, but we only got one run out of that thanks to Youk’s DP. I thought that Bard sucked. He gave up five runs and eight hits over five innings. Bobby V needs to make him the closer or else we’re gonna be screwed big time this season.

As for the Celtics. Great job. All five starters reached double digits, and Rondo and Bass picked up double-doubles. What’s interesting though is that despite playing incredibly throughout the game KG had the worst plus/minus on the Celtics with -2. Anyways, It was a very impressive win for the Celtics considering they beat the Heat twice in 10 days, and both at home and on the road.

Here’s a Fun Fact. The only quarter the Celtics won was the 1st. The Heat won the 2nd and they tied in both the 3rd and 4th. (Pretty interesting).

2012 NHL Playoff Predictions


Rangers over Sens in 6                       Canucks over Kings in 5

Bruins over Caps in 5                          Blues over Sharks in 6

Devils over Panthers in 7                     Blackhawks over Coyotes in 6

Penguins over Flyers in 7                     Red Wings over Predators in 7

Red Sox Win 4-2

This win by the Red Sox really impressed me. The offense wasn’t nearly as high powered as yesterday’s, but the pitching was great.

Doubront was decent, but Atchison was INCREDIBLE. Over the 3 innings he pitched he only gave up 1 hit and kept the Jays off this board.

When the Red Sox had Pedroia on 3rd with 0 outs I didn’t wan’t Gonzalez to sac fly, because I thought we needed to get the lead rather than tie it. Gonzalez did sac fly and then the score became 2-2 with 1 out and nobody on base.

So here comes YOUKKKK, and I’m thinking here comes a HR, not so fast… he struck out swinging. Then Ortiz comes up, and I’m like “please hit a HR…please.” No home run, but a walk instead. Then Ross gets walked, and I start to believe we can get the lead this inning. Sweeney singled scoring D-Mac and giving us a 3-2 lead, a wild pitch scores Ross and we have our security.

The biggest thing though is that Aceves was able to go 1,2,3 and get finish off the Jays. Yesterday was a nightmare, today we were relieved…literally.

Red Sox vs Blue Jays

Just like last season, the season starts with six straight road games, and just like last season we go 0-3.

My hope is that we can take 2 of 3, but realistically I think we’re only taking 1 of 3. This series is not only going to let us know how good the Red Sox are, but how much of a threat the Blue Jays will be in the AL East.

Doubront, Bard, and Lester are the starting pitchers in the series.

Make Bard The Closer

Francona > Valentine. The Red Sox are a fucking joke right now. To have two multiple run leads and blow them. Unfuckingbelievable.

Red Sox vs Tigers

Tomorrow the Red Sox are playing their 2nd game of the season. The 1st game was heartbreaking because the Red Sox came back in the 9th to tie the game, but ended up losing 3-2. I’m just hoping that we don’t start 0-6 like last year. The playoffs are obtainable. We just have to keep fighting.